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Types of Corporate and Securities Fraud

SEC Whistleblower Provisions offer whistleblower rewards for reporting certain types of corporate misconduct.  This section of the website is designed to explain each type of misconduct covered by the whistleblower provisions and to give real-world examples of each.

sec whistleblower Violations of Federal Securities Laws >

 Violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) >



SEC Whistleblower Provisions Overlap with the False Claims Act and other Whistleblower Statutes

There are literally hundreds of whistleblower laws.  Each state has its own whistleblower provisions.  Some regions also have city-specific whistleblower laws.  The federal government has a well-established False Claims Act and dozens of specific federal statutes incorporate the False Claims Act.  

Given the eclectic nature of whistleblower laws today, there will almost always need to be a discussion on how to proceed with your whistleblower claim. That is why having a whistleblower lawyer can go a long way to helping you with the whistleblower process.

The Scope of the SEC Whistleblower Program is Evolving

The SEC is currently developing administrative rules and regulations that will interpret the provisions relating to SEC whistleblowers.  This rule-making process could take until the spring of 2011.  It is expected that this rule making process will shed further light on the type of corporate conduct that is subject to the SEC whistleblower provisions.