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SEC Whistleblower Lawyer

Whistleblower LawyerWhile we have attempted to address many of the questions surrounding the new SEC Whistleblower Program on this website, as a potential whistleblower, you probably have additional questions about the process generally and about hiring a SEC whistleblower lawyer specifically.  This section of the website will answer some of your questions and suggest next steps if you choose to pursue a whistleblower claim.

A SEC Whistleblower Lawyer Can Help Evaluate the Information in Your Possession

It is to be expected that once you have assembled information and data that you feel indicate securities fraud, corporate fraud or bribery that you ask the obvious next question:  Does what I know amount to a whistleblower claim? A whistleblower lawyer should help you answer this question.

A SEC Whistleblower Lawyer Can Increase the Chances of Maximizing a Whistleblower Reward

A SEC whistleblower lawyer should do more though than simply regurgitate your information and data to the SEC. A whistleblower attorney should be able to do independent research of publicly available data sources to place your original information in better context. A whistleblower attorney should be able to prepare the proper written materials to submit to the SEC on your beha

lf and the written whistleblower claim should be a roadmap for the SEC to find the documents and evidence that support your whistleblower lawsuit.  Once the whistleblower attorney files your initial whistleblower claim with the SEC, that whistleblower attorney should be available to the SEC to answer any questions, arrange for an interview, should you be willing, and otherwise provide additional supporting materials and information to aid in the SEC investigation into your whistleblower lawsuit.  These efforts by a whistleblower attorney could maximize your whistleblower reward.

A SEC Whistleblower Lawyer Can Protect Your Anonymity

The SEC Whistleblower Program specifically provides that a whistleblower can preserve their anonymity if they file their whistleblower claim using a SEC whistleblower lawyer.  What this practically means is that up until a whistleblower reward is being offered, the whistleblower’s name will not even be disclosed to the SEC.  This is real protection for an employee who is afraid of retaliation, either explicit or implicit.  

A SEC Whistleblower Lawyer Should Offer a Free Initial Consultation

A SEC whistleblower lawyer should offer a free initial consultation to hear your story and understand from you the facts and information upon which your whistleblower claim is being made.   Indeed, in many instances a whistleblower attorney will agree to take your whistleblower lawsuit on a contingency fee basis, which means that the whistleblower attorney only gets paid as a percentage of the whistleblower reward you receive. 

A SEC Whistleblower Lawyer Can Aid In Determining Where To File Your Whistleblower Claim

There are dozens of whistleblower laws, from the new SEC whistleblower law, to the federal false claims act, to the IRS whistleblower law and many state specific whistleblower laws.  Once the facts and information supporting your whistleblower claim are fully vetted by an experienced SEC whistleblower lawyer, it may come to pass that your whistleblower attorney may recommend that your specific whistleblower attorney is better suited filed with the IRS or a state agency.  Perhaps your whistleblower attorney will suggest filing multiple whistleblower claims across many different government agencies. 

The point is that an experienced whistleblower attorney can help maximize your whistleblower reward by filing your whistleblower claim with the correct government agency or multiple government agencies. Learn more about how to handle your case with a free consultation.