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What is the Dodd-Frank Whistleblower Act?

The Dodd Frank Whistleblower Law empowers whistleblowers to report corporate fraud and potentially receive significant cash compensation

Chris Dodd and Barney Frank Whistleblower ProtectionThe Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act creates a new whistleblower protection program that authorizes substantial cash rewards to whistleblowers who voluntarily provide the Securities and Exchange Commission with information relating to corporate and securities fraud.  (Dodd Frank Whistleblower Law” or the “SEC Whistleblower Law”).   This financial reform law is the government’s latest attempt to eliminate illegal and fraudulent conduct on Wall Street and promote greater corporate compliance with federal securities law.

The Dodd Frank Whistleblower Law cash rewards are substantial for a whistleblower:  A whistleblower receives a cash reward of 10% to 30% of any SEC enforcement settlement for “original” information provided to the SEC from the whistleblower.

Types of Corporate and Security Fraud Covered by the Dodd Frank Whistleblower Law

While federal law provides cash compensation to whistleblowers for various types corporate fraud, the Dodd-Frank Whistleblower Law covers three broad categories of corporate fraud.

  • Violations of Federal Securities Laws

  • Violations of Consumer Protection Laws

  • Violations of the Commodity Exchange Act

Taking Action If You Have a Whistleblower Claim

We have created this web site to provide you with information on how the Dodd Frank Whistleblower Protection Law works and how you can report corporate and securities fraud to earn cash rewards. 

If after reviewing this web site, you feel that you have information that may give rise to a whistleblower claim, please contact us and an experienced whistleblower attorney will review your information in confidence and together will work with you to evaluate your whistleblower claim.  Generally, only the first whistleblower that files a claim is entitled to the cash compensation.